Irish emigration and the mass exodus during The Famine

Irish emigration reached unprecedented proportions during the famine as people fled from hunger and disease. Between 1845 and 1851, over 1,500,000 people emigrated from Ireland — more than had left the country in the previous half century.

Many famine emigrants went initially to British North America (now Canada) because of fare structure and government regulations, but the majority subsequently settled in the United States. The exhibition has many stories of ordinary emigrants telling about their journey, destination and life after emigration.

An intricate black and white illustration depicting a bustling scene of emigrants arriving in new york, crowded with adults and children, showcasing a range of activities and emotions.
An exhibit displaying maritime artifacts, including crates, barrels, and ship equipment, with two mannequins, one steering a wheel. a large vintage ship photo and video are projected in the background.

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